Prepare a memo following the lab memo rubric provided​.

Prepare a memo following the lab memo rubric provided by the following file.
This memo should address the fundamentals listed below. Your memo should include an identification of the fundamental, a definition of the fundamental, a non-technical description in your own words of the fundamental, and a brief discussion of why you think the fundamental is valuable for hydraulic analysis and/or design applications.
• Hydraulic Head
• Energy Grade Line
• Hydraulic Grade Line
• Density of Water
• Unit Weight of Water
• Hydrostatics
• Hydrodynamics
• Role of pressure in hydraulics
• Role of energy in hydraulics
• Role of incompressibility of water
• Two predominate sources of energy in hydraulics
For the analysis you must use each of the following at least once: • Peer reviewed journal • Interview a professional engineer • Textbook