Pick a topic in evolution or ecology that is currently in

1) Written Assignment:
Pick a topic in evolution or ecology that is currently in the news and has garnered a lot of attention such as extinction and climate change, or you may choose a discovery or research within the past year that you find interesting and write a 5-6 page essay. All references should be cited. A signup sheet will be passed around in class in which you have to indicate the topic you have selected. I do not want the majority of the students working on just one topic (or just a few) so sign up early if you have a preference for a topic. You may work with another student to write the essay together. The assignment has to be typed and handed in class by December 7th. I will discuss further about this assignment in class.
2) Extra Credit: Students have an option of doing a 6-8 page report on any topic pertaining to genetics, evolution or biodiversity. They should be typed in double space, with a proper introduction in which you should include why you chose the particular topic and all references should be cited at the end of the essay. While most of the reports submitted have been in essay format, I welcome creative submissions. I will discuss the requirements for this extra credit assignment more in class. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.