personal training program |

Client from the age group of a 5 to 17 year old developing child.
1. Create an individual client from the group personal training program you developed last week. Your created client can be either a typical “case” from your special population or an extreme “case” from your special population.
You must develop a “pretend” yet realistic client.
2. Describe your group personal training special population client in detail to your Classmates. Include all of the information you would have discovered in your initial assessment prior to the client entering your group personal training program including; subjective and objective information, along with all testing results and fitness goals.
3. What additional information would you need to gather to obtain a better understanding on how to assist your client?
4. How will you consult, educate, and coach your client on his/her nutritional needs while remaining within a fitness professional’s scope of practice?
5. What are the laws for giving nutritional advice/council in you state where your group personal training program takes place? Do you think they are appropriate?
Support your ideas with scientific rationale and appropriate references.