NURS381 Bowie State University Antenatal Nursing Care Plan

inrapartum nursing care plan i have attached a sample of the assignment and all the necessary additional data that you will need to create this care plan. please plug in the data i gave you into the appropriate section of the sample rubric and conduct a similar care plan. please strictly follow the rubric do not create your own format. also let me know if you will need any additional information for the assignment .I have attached nursing care plan book that should be used for more information. the rubric for the assignment has been attached. please strictly follow it.
Below is an example of a care plan and the same senerio. I will provide all the details required to write this care plan below and in the attached zip file.
Head to Toe Assessment Information.
There is no obvious airway obstruction. There is normal elasticity of the skin. Her skin is cool and she is very sweaty.
She is breathing at 22 breaths per minute. The chest is moving equally.
Leopold maneuvers were performed. The fetus is in longitudinal lie in vertex presentation.
Vital signs:
Heart Rate: 114 beats
SPO2: 87
Radial pulse: 115
Blood Pressure: 168/100
Temperature: 90 degree
Skin: There is normal elasticity of the skin. Her skin is cool and she is very sweaty.
Pain scale: 4 on a scale of 0-10
Pain Location : Right Cross her forehead. Does not want anything for pain.
Neurological Assessment: The patient is conscious. The muscle strength and sensation are normal, but the deep tendon reflexes are Hyperactive graded to +4. The patient shows signs of clonus.
Cardiovascular: The IV site has no redness, swelling, infiltration, bleeding, or drainage. The dressing is dry and intact.
Infusion of 125ml Lactated ringer.
Carotid pulse 115 beats per min.
GI: The bladder contains 130ml of urine.
Uterus and fetus assessment: Fetal heart rate of 156 beats per min.