Music concert report, Bacchanale, art & design homework help

The concert included following songs:

“Bacchanale” from Samson et Dalila, Op. 47 (1877) —— Camille Saint Saens

Adagio for Strings (1936) —— Samuel Barber

Danzon No.2 (1994) —— Arturo Marquez

Symphony No.8, Op. 88(1889)

          I. Allegro con brio

          II. Adagio

          III. Allegretto grazioso

          IV. Allegro ma non troppo

                                                              —— Antonin Dvorak

Double spaced

Font: Times New Roman, 14

Five Pages

The format: 

Title of the First Piece

Objective Description: Object Descriptions are your description of what you observed in the music at the performance. Describe each movement of the piece—write a separate paragraph for each movement. Provide a narrative of your observations concerning such elements as melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, instrumentation, texture, form, etc. Describe the major musical characteristics of the piece, including the solos, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, or themes, etc. Note that a “narrative” is not a list or summary – it is a sequential description of what occurred as the piece was played.

Subjective Reaction: 

        This brief paragraph describes your emotional response to the music. Did you like it or dislike it and, most importantly, why did you react as you did? What about the performance affected you? Express your opinion, but don’t forget to explain your reasons.

Quality of Performance

The final Quality of Performance paragraph is the brief conclusion of your report. It focuses on the concert as a whole, rather than on the individual pieces.