Multiculturalism in Theatre, film homework help

Final Project

Hello class,

I hope this note finds you all well..

You have all been working hard and have been diligent with your course work and the work load that has been assigned.

For this Final I would like you to consider the areas of history and rise of Multiculturalism in Theatre, Film and T.V. that we have studied and covered this semester. I would like you to think about and consider how these areas of study have impacted your point of view overall about the power of the Arts generally, and Theatre, T.V and Film more specifically to bring our society away from the trenches of racism, ethnic class systems, the politics and culture of American “Jim Crow”, ethnic and cultural xenophobia, gender inequality, poverty, crime, upward mobility and all of the other topics and issues that you researched and thoughtfully spoke to during this course.

Consider for yourself, which of our areas of study: African American Theatre, Asian American Theatre, LGBT Theatre, Latino Theatre, Women in Theatre, Urban Theatre, did you feel you learned or were impacted by the most? Which area of study did you feel most passionate about? Perhaps the question is which area of study was closest to you? Perhaps one of these weeks of study led you to discover a more specific Theatre group, play, playwright, or specific artist(s) that inspired you, challenged you, touched you or perhaps, even provoked you?

For your Final – I would like you to choose an area of study from our course work that you would like to do further study and research on.


Why does this specific topic interest you?

What about the topic struck you when first studied?

Why do you believe this specific area of study should be research further?

What do you hope to learn more about with this study and research?


With your topic now decided, I would like you to choose an artist that works within the topic (if you have not already done that) and do further research.

1. Please research an Artist in the relevant topic and provide a one page biography on the life and work of the artist you chose and what their impact has been on your topic of study.

2. Please choose an example from the artist’s body of work that exemplifies the artist in their craft and the furthering of what you believe to be the relevant issue to your selected topic of research. Your choice can include A FILM, OR A PLAY. The artists are of course the actors, directors, writers, producers, entertainers etc. that have furthered Multicultural diversity in the Arts as we have studied and as you now see it.

3. Please work up the analysis to your example as was practiced for our midterm this semester with All My Sons. See the instructions provided below. (Part A)

4. Please consider your conclusions to the film/play using the same format as has been practiced in this course. See the instructions provided below. (Part B)

5. Please write up a one page review/ reaction to your research. See the instructions provided below. (Part C)


Answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers should explain how well you understand the story, the plot, its structure, the characters and the relevant action of the film/play.

TITLE OF FILM/PLAY: ___________________________


A. Geographical location, including climate:

B. Date; year, season, time of day:

C. Economic environment (What is the ECONOMY like for the Characters? How does it affect them?)

D. Political environment (Who is IN- CHARGE in the relationships? Who or what has the power?)

E. Social environment (what are the characters SOCIAL NORMS? How/who do they CONDUCT themselves with? How does that affect the story)

F. Religious environment (what effect does RELIGION/ FAITH or the LACK OF RELIGION/FAITH play and affect your story?)

1. Who is the Protagonist_________________________________________

2. Who is the Antagonist__________________________________________

3. List the Inciting Event (the event before the story starts that sets up the action.)

4. List the Stasis (how does the world of the story open and exist?)

5. List the Intrusion (that moment or event that provokes the present action into motion // breaks the stasis)

6. List events in the story of the Rising Action. (The dramatic events leading to climax)

7. List the major Crisis moment(s) 6-8

8. List the Climax

9. List the Falling Action (The Events that lead to Resolution/Return to Stasis)

10. List the Resolution // The Return to Stasis ( the way the world is now)

PART – B CONCLUSIONS: (one-two pages)

(The thoughtfulness of your answers in part B&C will be taken into consideration for your grade.)

Please flesh out your conclusions and explain how your conclusions affect the overall idea and intent of the film-maker(s), play-maker(s).

1. How does the clash of desire, will, and objective between the Protagonist and the Antagonists help provide the dramatic conflict for the story and shape the overall idea of the film and the film/play makers intent?

2. In your opinion, what is the major social, political, cultural, Multicultural or relational issue that this film/ play is speaking to and why?

PART – C Review/ Reaction for your film/play

Please write a one page review/reaction to your research.

1. What you believe you have learned or gleaned in a more specific way about your chosen area of multicultural research?

2. What are your overall personal reactions to your chosen Artist in light of your research, analysis and review? Was this research, analysis and review helpful in furthering your understanding of your chosen topic of Multiculturalism? Why or why not?