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BSBADM405 Organise Meetings PROJECT TASK – TEMPLATE Name of the group (if applicable): Student name: Student ID: Trainer: Date: Declaration of Authenticity:
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You are the president of the Lonsdale Student Club (LSC) and you are going to organise a student meeting using Lonsdale Meeting Procedures regarding issues that affect international students at Lonsdale Institute. The attendees that you will be required to invite will be your class and trainer and you will need to send them a complete agenda.
You will be the chairperson at this meeting and you will need to select a secretary and a minute taker to take the minutes. The meeting should run for approximately 15min within your classroom at a scheduled/booked time.
You must choose any two (2) of the following ‘issues’ and discuss the problem, propose a remedy, give responsibility and allocate a date by which the ‘issue’ will be resolved.
· Campus facilities
· Student Services help with resume and cover letter writing
· Business English Language remedial classes
· Flexible / Blended learning methods
· Cost of tuition
· Time management issues (the need to work and study)
· Other issues related to the school or students
You must also propose 2 new topics (of your own choice) to be covered in the next student meeting in 2 months’ time.
You only have 15 minutes to complete the entire meeting so you need to be focused!
Assessment Task
A: Meeting Notice, Meeting Arrangements and Meeting agenda
Meeting Type:
Meeting Title:
Meeting Purpose:
Meeting Date:
Meeting Time:
Meeting Notice (Write an email or letter for the invitation of the meeting to the participants)
Attention To:[Recipient Name]From:[Your Name]cc:[Name]Date:[Click to select date]Re:[Subject]Purpose:[ex: for approval by circulation; for information only]
Attachments:Type Text here
Meeting Arrangements
Guest Speakers:
Seating arrangements:
Support materials
Meeting documentation:
Equipment requirements:
Hospitality requirements
Catering requirements:
Accommodation requirements:
Other requirements
Special needs of attendees:
Meeting Type:
Purpose, Objectives and Elements of the Meeting:
Note taker:
Expected Attendees:
Date and Time:
Agenda Items (Add more items as per your needs)
Person Responsible
List of Attachments (Please read and bring):
Assessment Section B
B: Meeting Documents
(Please Attach meeting documents at the end of this project or paste it here)
(Include: chairperson’s report, committee reports, correspondence, draft documentation, financial reports, itemised meeting papers, minutes of previous meeting, research reports, sales PowerPoint, Brochure, Team Training Plan, Marketing Material or any documents appropriate to the meeting style and purpose)
Assessment Section C
Meeting Type:
Date of Meeting:
Start time:
End time:
Note taker:
Meeting Objective(s)
1. Attendance
2. Agenda, Decisions, Issues
Topic/ Discussion notes
Discussion led by
4. Action Items
Due Date
5. Next Meeting
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