Elder Abuse Systematic Review And Implications Gerontology

Part One: Multiple Choice
1) Reasons that the United States population is aging include all the following except:

An increase in infant mortality rates
Low fertility rates
An overall increase in life expectancy
Improvements in public health and medical technology

2) Which of the following is indicative of abnormal brain aging?

The development of “plaques and tangles” within the brain
A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Occasional forgetfulness
A decrease in brain mass

3) Which of the following statements about “aging in place” is true?

Past a certain age, it is not possible for an older adult to remain in their own home safely.
Most older adults do not want to remain in their own homes as they age.
It is typically more expensive for an older adult to remain in their own home as they age.
Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in their residence as long as they want and are able.

4) Biological theories of aging typically fall into two categories: programed and damage/error theories. All the following theories are examples of damage/error theories of aging except:

Somatic DNA damage theory
Rate of living theory
Free radicals theory
Immunological theory

5) All of the following statements about Medicare are true except:

Medicare is funded by the Social Security Act of 1965.
People typically become eligible for Medicare at age 65.
Medicare is a public assistance program primarily based on financial need.
Long-term care services and supports are typically not covered by Medicare.

Part Two: Short Answer

Your neighbor Mr. Doe recently retired from his position as head chef at an upscale restaurant at the age of 64. Mr. Doe informs you that, while he did not wish to retire, his osteoarthritis made it very difficult/painful to work with his hands and stand for long periods of time. Mr. Doe confides in you that, while he does not have any financial concerns about his earlier than anticipated retirement, he feels that he is lacking purpose and meaning. Mr. Doe reports constant boredom, spending most of his days sleeping and watching television.

In one paragraph or less, briefly describe continuity theory and activity theory, and how you would recommend applying these two psychosocial theories of aging to improve the quality of Mr. Doe’s life.

In one paragraph or less, describe how ageism may negatively impact an older adult’s financial, mental, and physical health

Part Three: Short Essay
In approximately one page to two pages, discuss what you believe to be the largest challenges facing older adults and society as the United States population continues to age. Describe how you believe that these challenges can be best addressed, supporting your arguments with citations from the course materials.
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