Effectiveness Of Preventive Maintenance Through Discrete

Read the paper and the article, also read the instructions for the slides before you start.
It’s a Simulation class. The paper I wrote about this article ( http://www.pertanika2.upm.edu.my/Pertanika%20PAPERS/JST%20Vol.%2025%20(1)%20Jan.%202017/01%20JST%20Vol%2025%20(1)%20Jan%20%202017_0529-2014_pg1-16.pdf )
The slides should be about the paper, including the article.
Write everything that I’m going to say in the presentation in the slides, Including the simulation model and the five phases. Also, what happened in each phase. I’m allowed to carry note while I’m presenting, so I’ll keep the main points in the slides and I’ll make some notes from the slides to read from, because we can’t read everything from slides. It’s 4 min presentation.

There is an example of the complete powerpoint slides attached below, but it doesn’t have enough information about the paper and it doesn’t have the simulation model, also not enough explanation about the phases. It’s a simulation class, so it should focus more in the simulation. Don’t use hard academic words, make it clear and simple.