Project 1

Project # 1The dealer’s cost of a car is 85% of the listed price. The dealer would accept any offer that is at least $500.00 over the dealer’s cost. Design an Algorithm that prompt the user to input the list price of the car and prints the least amount that the dealer would accept for the car .2. Tom and Jerry opened a new lawn service. They provide three types of services: mowing, fertilizing, and planning tress. The cost of mowing is $ 35.0 per 5000 square yards, fertilizing is $30.00 per an application, and planning a tree is $ 50.00.Write an Algorithm the prompt the user and ask the area of the lawn, the number of fertilizing applications, and the number of trees to be planned. The algorithm then determine the billing amount.Data:Area    95000 yards, number of applications 45   and number of tress 100.Write C++ program and provide input and output in one page, notepad (text pad for MAC pro)Make sure to test tour program manually and compare answers with your program.This project has 2 programs.