BIOL1112 Grantham University Biology Respiratory System

Biology 1112 Class Weekly Activity
Respiratory System
Instructions: Please place your first and last name, the biology class number and section, and the title of the activity in the upper right-hand corner of every assignment. The title is the respiratory system pathway. If you don’t put the following information on your paper, you will receive a -10-point deduction if missing.
For this assignment, you will learn about the respiratory system. Provide the function of each organ that is mentioned in the respiratory system. There are 12 organs that you should mention in this assignment. Figure 24.2 can provide assistance with what organs are located in the respiratory system. Be advised that if you decide to add organs, the required organs must be present in the assignment to receive possible full credit.
Please type the organ in bold ink using Times New Romans with 10-point or 12-point font (-5 if incorrect). Please type the function of each organ in regular black ink (not in bold) using Times New Romans with 10-point or 12-point font, not bold (-5 if incorrect). Please use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar (-2 point for every error).
Please paraphrase each function in your own words. No credit will be awarded for any copied answers. You must reference your sources. Review the syllabus to know where to add this required information. You must have at least 2 references for this assignment. If the references are not included, you will receive a penalty (5-point deduction). Check the syllabus to see what the penalty is for not including references on your assignments. Site the reference using APA style and not MLA. If you don’t follow directions, you will receive a deduction of 5-points for not following directions if the APA style is not correct. Please see the syllabus for the due and time regarding this assignment.
Chapter 24 The Respiratory System (this entire assignment is worth 100 points)

Trace the entire respiratory pathway in order starting with the nostrils and ending with diaphragm (provide each organ in bold -2 each time it is not in bold)
Give the complete function for all organs that are in bold. Be mindful that the organs should be in order starting with the nostrils and ending with the diaphragm.