A critical analysis Performance management in healthcare

For this assignment, I interviewed an NP in charge of the clinical division of the local hospital. Based on my observations and research, the hospital allocates different roles to healthcare professionals engaged in various capacities to oversee the assigned activities and performance within their specific department or division. According to the interviewee, the primary focus in performance management is to align the generated employee outputs with the organizational goals which are developed at the beginning of every strategic period. The interviewed noted that she is continuously focused on ensuring that she creates a workforce which is compliant, dependent, and technically equipped to ensure that they meet the goals set by the hospital towards improving the quality of care and also the overall outcomes for the hospital and the patients. Correctly, the interview explained that her department has come up with sector-specific ways of evaluating and managing performance to ensure that that they meet the anticipated goals and objectives. It requires the employees to come together in developing performance management practices within the organization to maximize individual performance and enhance the quality of care delivery (Hewko and Cummings, 2016). In my view, I think that the interviewee is correct to focus on improving individual employee performance and also involving them in the course of performance management and improvement in the organization. It is because healthcare professionals as care providers represent an integral part of the healthcare process and they have to involve directly and continuously to ensure that the quality of care delivery is improved significantly (van der Geer et al., 2009). The overall outcomes will be likely to be advanced if all levels of the workforce are engaged actively to provide high quality and effective care delivery.
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