1. Project Objectives, Deliverables, and Requirements.

1. Project Objectives, Deliverables, and Requirements. Conduct a search in the University’s online library on the topic of project objectives, deliverables, and requirements. What are project objectives, deliverables, and requirements? How are they different from each other, when are they determined, and how are they controlled during the various phases of the project? Consider a project with which you have been involved or which you have knowledge and describe two to three project objectives from this project. In your response to others, how can you improve upon the stated project objectives?
2. Ethical and Professional Responsibility. Select one of the following topics listed and provide a thorough response supported by scholarly or professional publications.
How can you contribute to the project management knowledge and why is it important to contribute?
Compare and contrast individual integrity and individual competence, and discuss their significance.
How personal, ethnic, and cultural differences might impact a project.
Provide an example of a conflict of interest a project manager might face while managing a project and and recommend an approache to dealing with this conflict of interest.
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