Investigating Waves Have you ever noticed ocean waves moving

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Investigating WavesHave you ever noticed ocean waves moving to ward the shore ? You may have wondered if the wavescarry water from far out at sea into the beach ; surprisingly , they don’t . Even though the waves movewith a noticeable velocity toward shore , each particle of the water itself merely vibrates about anequilibrium point . This can be clearly demonstrated by observing surfers waiting for a wave . Thesurfers aren’t carried forward by the waves ; they simply bob up and down .In today’s investigation , you’ll explore the connection between the period of a wave and itswavelength using standing sine waves on a string . The standing wave is perfect for investigatingwaves because the wave is large enough to easily see . Here are some useful terms to describestanding waves :A mode is a point where the string does not move . Anantinode is a point where the amplitude is greatest .You can measure the wavelength & as the distanceseparating*3_consecutive nodes , or betweenconsecutive crests , Or between consecutive troughs ( seethe diagram on the right ) .Learning Goals for this Lab :Understand relationship between wavelength and frequency .Know how standing waves are formed and what frequencies and wavelengths they will havebased on the size of the vibrating medium ( a string in this case ) .Practice interpreting graphical representations of experimental results .MESSE KOPart 1 . How are Wavelength , Period , and FrequencyRelated ?ass ofAPPARATUSString vibrator and sine wave generator , pulley and mass set ,meterstick , balanceRingIn this activity , you will collect data on how the wavelength and period of a wave are affected by5. 39changing the frequency . The frequency is set by means of a sine wave generator .AL of 2) Find the linear density U in units of ke / m of the string on the string vibrator by measuringthe exact length and mass of the string . Record this value in your data table .Fingb ) As shown in the figure below , the experimental setup consists of the Sine Wave Generator and. Sinches pulley positioned about 100 cm apart , a string vibrator , and masses . Run the string over thepulley , and hang about 150 8 of mass from it .125 /20 19 3:47 PM