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ANSWER ONE OF THE TWO OPTIONS. In your response, develop an essay of at least one page that answers the topic selected. Include specific textual examples where needed.  You may discuss the examples in general terms, as your instructor is more interested in your personal commentary on what you have learned. This is about assessing your working knowledge and comprehension of the course material.

You have one hour to complete this part.

1.From the beginning of the course up to this point, we have seen humankind’s preoccupation with spirituality and belief in a higher being as evidenced in the various art produced. Discuss the evolution of this concept of “god” using artistic examples from the various civilizations represented in the course. In your discussion, also offer some commentary about how your own spiritual beliefs have been enhanced or further defined by the material learned in this class.

2.Compare and contrast Islam and Hinduism as religious systems and also in terms of their art.  In your answer, be sure to include at least three works of art from each religion, discussing them in terms of subject, artistic style, and relationship to religious beliefs.