Ethics and Minors Maria is a 32 year old, Latina woman Her

Ethics and Minors
Maria is a 32 year old, Latinawoman Her child, Rosalinda, age 6, was referred to counseling after havingbeen exposed to domestic violence (Maria reports having been the victim) in thehome
Maria is separated fromRosalinda’s father who is the alleged perpetrator in the domestic violence
When Maria brought Rosalinda toher first evaluation session (symptoms included: nightmares, regression, easilymoved to tears, clingy with Maria), Maria read and signed an informed consentform while in the waiting room The form was fairly standard issue, citing allthe usual exceptions to confidentiality The psychology intern properlyintroduced herself to Maria and briefly went over the informed consent Mariaexpressed understanding of and agreement with the evaluation and treatment forher daughter
Maria was the principal informantduring the assessment, and the psychology intern documented in her notes thatMaria reported she had started to date again She noted that Rosalinda’ssymptoms had gotten worse (for example, she is upset when left with the familybabysitter)
Can Rosalinda’s Dad have access tothe child’s record?
What about the reference to Mariastarting to date – should this be documented in the record? Should Rosalinda’sfather have access to this information?
Explain your reasoning, referringto the appropriate rules and citing ethical guidelines (these may include thepractice act, rules of board, etc)