English Literature Oedipus the King (Critical Review), English homework help

Write a well- examined five page paper on the play, Oedipus the King. Please write in 3rd person. 

Introduce the author and title of the play within the first two sentences.

Present the central idea and conflict with a dialectic (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis). 

– Write the dialectic in one sentence (preferably the last sentence of the introductory paragraph).

The critical review should encompass the following:

1.  Introduction: (dialectic) (underlined)

2.  Plot: (using the Freytag Pyramid) (rising action, climax, following action, resolution)

3.  Chracters: (Describe them)

4.  Ambiguity: (Pro/Cons) (What was not clear?)

5.  Conclusion

Do not use outside material – allow your own voice, interpretation, and critical evaluation to resonate.  Remember to analyze the short story; do not merely retell the story.  Adhere to MLA format, double space, Courier New (13 pitch).

Thank you in advance.