biology and math for clinical calculation

Bio 111 forum 1 Se the text readings and Exploration page to answer the major discussion question: What is science, and what is biology in particular?
oIn addition to answering this question, please find two news articles (from trade magazines or news sites like The New York Times or The Washington Post, but not blog sites), one of which is on basic biology and the other applied biology. Share the articles or the links to the articles. For each, write a short paragraph summarizing the article and supporting why you think the science in the article is either applied or basic biology.
oAlso, identify what knowledge or claim in the article was made as a result of the science, and explain if and how the scientific process was used.
oFor the applied biology article only, describe the independent, dependent, and control variables of the experiment discussed. Don’t know what these variables are?
oFinally, identify which of the major themes in biology from the text is represented in both articles. Briefly describe the theme and the connection.
oAll references must be cited using APA Style.
oBio 111 forum 2

Describe a recent lunch you had (or would like to have!). Make sure you include the ingredients, to the best of your knowledge. For example, if you had a sandwich, what exactly was in it? List the ingredients.
Determine the major class of macromolecule that is included in each ingredient. You can be specific, but make sure you include the name of the major group (e.g., lipid, protein, etc.).
Next, identify the monomer for each macromolecule.
“Describe the major function inside of your cells of each macromolecule.
In a paragraph, please explain what reaction occurs as you break down those macromolecules, and the reaction that occurs when the monomers are used by your body to build new macromolecules.
Finally, if there was any class or classes of macromolecule that was not included in your lunch, please take a sentence or two to describe it, its monomer, and biological function.

Math 103 Read the following scenario and answer the questions (20 points total, 5 points for each question).
An order for heparin was written as follows: Heparin 1000 units subcut using a vial labeled 20,000 units/mL. The nurse administered 0.5 mL
1.What possible factors contributed to the error?
2. By how many units of heparin was the client overdosed?
3. By how many mL was the client overdosed?
4. What are some of the potential outcomes of a client receiving an overdose of heparin?

second part For this discussion I would like you to find a story about a nurse that made an error while on the job, in other words, in violation of one of the 6 Rights (it does not have to be a calculation error). You may not use any article in a nursing text book. Ask a nurse, or your teacher or search the web. Here are the particulars (20 points):
1. Find the story and retell it here. (Be sure to check previous postings to ensure that another student isn’t using the same story….no duplicates.)

Which of the six rights of Safe Medication Administration was violated? There could be multiple rights violated. (2 points)
Tell how the nurse defended or justified her/himself. If they did not, tell how they might have defended or justified him/herselves. (6points)
Provide a link or documentation of where you found your story (2 points).